About us

Volets Protect : the ultimate protection

While combining security, insulation and privacy. Volets Protect offers a range of motorized rollshutters to meet your needs and provide you with a comfortable home.

Volets Protect is a family business based in the beautiful Laurentians in the
Laurentides heart of Val-David.

Volets Protect offers a range of new products in Quebec: rollshutters. This
product has already proven its worth in Europe for many years.

We offer you a range of products such as:
- Motorized rollshutters
- Solar rollshutters
- Crank rollshutters
- Transparent rollshutters (polycarbonate)
- Rollshutters to protect your pool
- Rollshutters garage door.

Volets Protect, offers a wide range of rollshutters to meet your needs, protect
your home against breaking and entering, storms and prying eyes. Moreover,
rollshutters allow you to save on your heating bills.

Volets Protect keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer; thanks to its
thermal resistance.

Volets Protect offers quality products with a 5 year warranty on all our range
of products. Our rollshutters are CSA certified with respect to the electrical connections.

For your safety and comfort, our rollshutters are regularly tested for: shock resistance, mechanical endurance, corrosion resistance, resistance to wind.

Our goal:
Finding solutions that continually improve your life every day.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, our team operates in all regions of Quebec and Ontario.

Safety, Insulation, Comfort
Peace at the End of Your Finger