All the Advantages of the Rollshutters


When you are away from home, relax!

To ensure a complete well-being, our rollshutters boxes are designed to deter
thieves. From outside the building, the installation of a rollshutter in front of a
bay window plays a critical protection role.

To protect your home from burglar, rollshutters are an effective barrier to
breaking and entering, which quickly discourages thieves.

In addition, the sanctity of your installation is reinforced with a tamper-free rolling code.

Protects Against Cold and Heat

With Volets Protect, save energy and help preserve the planet.

The rollshutter is a shield against cold and heat. This heat shield is simply the cushion
of air between the window and the closed rollshutter. In this area, the air stays at
constant temperatures. Thus, the difference in temperature does not fall directly on
your windows or bay windows, thereby cooling or heating up the room.

With motorized blinds, you program closing the rollshutters when it is
cold to avoid heating or when it is hot to avoid more using more air conditioning.


Damage caused by violent winds on windows and bay windows, are growing.
Rollshutters are excellent windbreak and storm-resistant shield. Their strength is a
decisive factor in weather-proof protection. Rollshutters are very resistant because of
the profiled and foamed blades, providing a protection system resistant to bending.

In terms of protection against bad weather, this feature gives our products a step ahead
on blinds, and canvas blinds.


Enjoy the privacy of your home. Rollshutters allow you to enjoy privacy
and family time away from the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby.

The Comfort of Automated Rollshutters

Treat Yourself to the Comfort of Automated Rollshutters
Open and close your rollshutters with one click.

In the comfort of your armchair, right away and in one step, you program the
opening and closing of your rollshutters in every room of your home.
You can choose to close or open your rollshutters individually or together.
With the remote control, your rollshutters obey to the touch of your finger!

Safe Operation

The automatic shutdown system on your rollshutters ensures the closure of each unit without any damage. If blocked by an object, the automatic stop function preserves your rollshutter.