Rollshutters for Swimming Pools

Optimal Safety for Your Children

Volets Protect offers a wide range of rollshutters to secure your pool. This is one of the most complete coverage systems. They combine safety for your children and protection for your pool.

Whatever the shape, our rollshutters are tailored for a perfect fit.


Despite great vigilance, children sometimes escape our attention. Accidents happen so fast!

Be at peace now.

Rollshutters for pools protect you from such a tragedy. They consist of blades lined with PVC foam Co-extruded with flexible polyurethane bonding and conform to ISO1183 standards. Rollshutters have excellent buoyancy. The floating capacity of water prevents it from sinking and guarantees maximum protection in case of children or animals falling. When the rollshutter covers your pool, these risks are eliminated.

Your children and even your pets are protected from drowning.

Protecting your Pool

Rollshutters are a tool for pool protection at all levels.

They serve several functions and offer many advantages. Your pool is protected from external contamination such as grass clippings, insects, leaves, etc.... The foam enclosed in the blades is also a good thermal insulation, preventing temperature drops and the pool water remains warmer. Once the pool rollshutter is closed, it reduces evaporation which and reduces water consumption.

Easy Maintenance

Like any element of your pool, before and after each swimming season, simply clean
your rollshutter with a descaler to remove the limestone that could be deposited on.