Security Transparent Rollshutters

The Ultimate Safety

Security grilles do not prevent window breaking and/or acts of vandalism.
Our polycarbonate security shutters YES!

A Revolutionary Locking System Originally Designed for:
- Luxury shops.
- Banking sector.
- Jewelers
- Airports
- Schools
- Restaurants, bars and brasseries Terraces.
- The protection of art objects (museums and churches).

Transparent polycarbonate rollshutters made by Volets Protect bring you the best
protection for your business and your buildings.

They are a shield against all intruders and vandalism (broken windows, Molotov
cocktails, fires). They are also anti-ram drive, anti-hurricane, anti-graffiti (which
remain on the surface and disappear with suitable cleaning material) and UV.

The transparent polycarbonate rollshutters are 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness and twice as lighter.

Design and Transparency

Its elegant design and crystal clear transparence, leaves intact the visual appeal of your windows. They are well highlighted and can be seen day and night while being fully protected.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

In addition to being anti-burglary, anti-vandal, anti-ram drive, anti-hurricane, anti-graffiti and anti-UV, the transparent security Volets Protect contributes to energy substantial savings. Tests have demonstrated heat and sound insulation 10 times greater than for glass.

Structure of a transparent safety rollshutters

- Crystal clear polycarbonate blade 250 times stronger than glass of same thickness. Anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-graffiti.

- PVC profile seal for quiet operation.

- Strengthen aluminum profile with a PVC seal for quiet operation.

- Monobloc aluminum slide-piece with a PVC gasket for quiet operation.

- Aluminum end slat, alloy 6063 with T5 treatment. Equipped with a PVC seal for quiet operation, neoprene seal at the bottom of the blade for perfect closing and sealing.